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The importance of logistics in trade fairs and professional events

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Managing participation in an event such as an international fair can be challenging for any work team. This type of presence requires a great deal of people planning, space configuration, communication and sales plan, etc. The management of this participation often begins with an advance of up to 18 months.

Put all material and merchandise at the event? Don't let this be another element of stress!

When considering the transport of materials for events, you will need a careful company that gives you information in real time and offers you an excellent service. You should also evaluate the agent network, this will give you safety and efficiency during the transit time of the materials.

In addition, exhibition equipment is often bulky, heavy or requires special care in its transport. This may require specialized machinery for its handling, hence the importance of finding out about the quality of the team that handles all the handling of your merchandise.

Get your goods to their destination on time (and in full).

Before shipping your goods, you should consider several aspects. One of the most important is related to the labeling of goods, often an order can be handled more than 50 times in a transport, therefore, correct labeling is crucial. You should also look for your transport provider to have customs solutions according to your needs, don't take risks when you make shipments to extra-Community/Offshore markets.

In most situations, shipping materials will use a pallet system for storing goods, it is equally important to organize these materials correctly. You should also know the regulations when transporting sensitive materials, for example, some countries may require specific treatments, such as anti-insects, for the goods shipped.

When making your shipments, make sure that the contracted company knows how to handle all these procedures perfectly, as well as in the storage, labeling or even in providing insurance for your loads.

And when the event ends... Your stuff has to come back!

When an event is over, in addition to the tiredness of the intense days of exhibition, you now have to bring back or even bring all your materials back to the next event.

Here it is important to make sure that your provider knows how to handle your loads again, so that you do not have to repeat all the procedures carried out in the initial shipment.

A provider with a good network of partners is essential. A correct transport of your materials will save you money on issues such as storage time, or the time you don't have to waste with administrative issues related to the material shipped.

Grupolis is the right partner to transport your goods in the participation of a national or international event. We combine our network of partners and agents with a consulting service available 24 hours a day. We have the most demanding quality certificates as well as customs authorizations that guarantee comfort and safety in your transport.

Contact us or request your online quote.

More than a company, we are a family. We care for the well-being of our customers and employees, providing the necessary infrastructure so that both can achieve excellent performance.

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