Project No. 13689

Project name: Conquering new markets.

Objective: Strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies

Grupolis joined the Portugal 2020 system, namely through the Compete 2020 program.

The intention is to promote a market extension strategy, as it wants to continue to sell the same services to different areas, to 6 new markets. Thus, a set of objectives was defined that aims to fulfill this project, which are:

Total Investment: €192,015.64

EU financial support: €86,407.04

Project summary

This project significantly boosted the growth of its activity with foreign countries with the dissemination of its organization through the presence in international fairs and business missions where it integrated delegations of entrepreneurs that made it possible to exchange experiences and take advantage of synergies. New partnerships were developed and the skills with the existing partners were increased, which provided this growth, having even expanded the scope of services provided, namely growth in maritime and air transport services. The results of all these actions were reflected in an increase in turnover of around 16.2%.

Access to international freight exchanges allowed for greater dynamism to the activity with a quick response to customer needs. The restructuring of the website with a new image and functionalities allowed for better interaction with visitors, with an increase in requests for quotations made through it. Visitors are provided with forms that expedite tax representation authorizations, consultation of expected transit times for each service and all existing terminals in each of the destinations.

The promotional material used, such as brochures, flyers and roll ups, provided excellent dissemination of Grupolis' image and served as support for the various commercial campaigns developed and for presence at international fairs.

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