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«The excellence of our team is the reason for our success» - Interview with PAÍS €CONÓMICO magazine

Photograph José Fortuna - Administrator of Grupolis Transitários

In an interview with PÁS €CONÓMICO, José Fortuna, Grupolis administrator and representative of Grupo Timar in Portugal, recognizes that his company is not currently one of the largest companies in the freight forwarding sector operating in Portugal, he is certain:

«On the platform where we operate, we are, in fact, a reference company», guaranteed José Fortuna, to underline that competition in any sector of activity is always a healthy element and recognized that despite the competition being quite strong at the level of the platform where Grupolis signs up, Grupolis manages to stand out for the excellent service it provides to its customers.

I usually say that Grupolis is a Family of 50 people

José Fortuna emphasizes that Grupolis «offers a very complete range of services», from Road Transport to Maritime Transport through Air Transport, Logistics and Warehousing. «But where we are really strong is in Road Transport under the Groupage regime», he explained, reminding that Grupolis' great success is essentially due to the quality of the services made available to its customers and above all «to the excellence of a fantastic team of professionals», always ready to wear the Grupolis jersey when it comes to serving its customers with quality and innovation.

«I usually say that Grupolis is a Family of 50 people», underlined José Fortuna, helmsman of this company based in the Maia Industrial Zone, which expects to earn around 12 million euros in 2019, which, if verified, will mean a growth of about 20 percent compared to the previous year. «Considerable but sustained growth», reinforced José Fortuna.



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