Road Transport

The Forwarding Agent activity is important and complex, not only as skilled and autonomous service, but as powerful support and irreplaceable incentive of the country Economy, directly or indirectly pending from or related to International Commerce.

Grupolis is skilled in organising groupage transports at client’s needs, to any place in Portugal, CEE and third countries.

It offers a door/door or terminal/terminal service, and each one of these service combinations is operated according to an efficient logistics system.

So that goods may arrive at right destinations at a competitive price, Grupolis relies on the efficient work of an agents and transporters worldwide network, efficient communication with clients and a highly skilled and experimented staff team.

Network of agents with great prestige.

Regular traffic with Germany, Belgium , Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Algeria.

Sea / Airfreight

Grupolis supplies transport solutions to everywhere, shaped to be helpful and reduce costs. All solutions are adequate to clients needs and requirements as truck, sea and airfreight services, allowing goods to be transported by the most efficient way.

The cooperation with some agents in main places allows us to offer an efficient and competitive seafreight service.

We may, still, supply to all clients a high quality airfreight service, always supported by agents operating this kind of service.

Transport solutions designed to create added value and reduce costs.

Regular traffics to Brazil and the Far East.

Warehousing and Distribution

Grupolis holds the Authorised Expeditor status, which allows having a reserved warehousing area for Third Countries.

Grupolis disposes of an area of 4.000 m2, Porto area (Maia) and Lisbon (Vialonga), with very good warehousing, splitting and labelling conditions, being able to offer a quality service to every client.

The warehouse is equipped with metallic structures for conventional paletisation, allowing a direct access to each warehoused pallet, enabling to move any goods parcel with no need to move the remaining ones, meaning a goods easy control.

Grupolis holds a vehicles fleet able to efficiently respond to clients needs. With deliveries in 24 hours on North and South Coast and in 48 hours on the North and South Interior.