Morocco is a country located in the extreme northwest of Africa, being limited to the north by the Strait of Gibraltar (where the border with Spain), in Ceuta, on the Mediterranean Sea and Melilla, east and south by Algeria, the Sahara to the south Western (which controls territory) and west by the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of the country is the city of Rabat. It is the only country in the African continent that is not part of the African Union.

Capital: Rabat

Tel code: +212

Expected Time-Transit: 2-3 business days to Tanger and Casablanca, 3-4 business days to Marrakesh and between 4 to 5 business days to Agadir.

Tanger (departures at Tuesday and Friday)
Casablanca (departures at Tuesday and Friday)
Marrakesh (departures at Tuesday and Friday)
Agadir (departures at Tuesday and Friday)